Trinneer Taking A Nice 'Trip'

Connor Trinneer, who plays Cmdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker on UPN's Enterprise, told SCI FI Wire that he's pleased his character seems to have caught the imagination of Star Trek fans. "I think the character's probably pretty easy to write for," Trinneer said in an interview. "He's sort of ... the sarcastic, foot-in-mouth guy. And I think that, out of the gate, there were a couple of episodes that were written directly with my character's having the main story around him. And they've gone over pretty well. Hopefully that will happen more often."

Trinneer recently made his first appearance at a Star Trek convention, in Portland, Ore., near the town where he grew up. "Walking in, ... there were almost 400 people there, and when I walked in, man, they stood up. ... You are there with people who are really into you. Really into the show and really passionate about it. And that's kind of cool. And it's the kind of thing, where, I swear, man, you go down the line, there's a rainbow of types of people there. ... I think it's one of those things where, if you're into it, you have a connection to other people. And they have the luxury of coming together once a year, per location, and sharing the love."

As for the rest of the show's current freshman season, Trinneer said with tongue in cheek, "At this point, Capt. Archer [Scott Bakula] wins all the fights and gets all the girls. And a little parity here might be nice."