Fedcon XV

Erstwhile commander from starship NX-01 Enterprise, Connor Trinneer was among Star Trek alumni to attend FedCon XV, May 19-21, in Germany. SF Radio was on hand to record several Q&A sessions with guest panelists.

More than a year after Enterprise "These Are the Voyages..." aired, there are still sore memories of the series finale.

"I was more bothered, and I think we were as a cast more bothered, by the fact that the episode itself was sort of taken from our hands and ultimately made as a Next Generation episode," said Trinneer onstage. "That really bothered us. I think that, you know, we felt as though we'd done all this work, and devoted four years of our lives to this show that, at the very end... I don't really know what they were thinking, quite frankly.

"I love Jonathan Frakes and Marina [Sirtis], they're fantastic people, great actors -- but we really sort of felt like, 'Let us put it to bed,' and we were unable to do that."

When asked about the campaign that solicited funds to purchase a fifth season of Enterprise, Trinneer spoke as though a Paramount executive had led fans to believe they could pay to get more of the cancelled series.

"I find that that was offensive," says Trinneer. "I don't think that Paramount ever, for a moment, was considering a season five -- and I don't know who, in the higher echelon of that company, said that. They shouldn't have. I mean, you know, shame on them for saying to the fans, 'Well, if you pay for it, we'll put it back on.' You know.

"Save your money, I mean, it's hard enough out there. I mean, there's no reason for anybody to try to use some of their money that can be used for much better things. So, I really -- that bothered me a lot. You know, they were asking for how much, 17-million, 25-million dollars? I mean, come on, that's awful. This is a movie studio, and to ask fans to pay for their project, I thought was kind of unforgivable."

The group that claims to have had "secret talks" with Paramount is Trek United, headed by Tim Brazeal. As reported in April 2005 by SCI FI Wire, Paramount officially denies any such dialog. StarTrek.com, which cautioned fans about parting with their money, reprinted a definitive studio response to Brazeal: "We can not and will not be able to accept funds from viewers to produce Star Trek: Enterprise or any other series."

Brazeal eventually ceased the fundraising campaign. The Tennessee resident now operates a website that sells Hollywood "producer" credentials to any sci-fi fan for $25 to $500 per annum, T-shirt included.

Since the demise of Enterprise, Connor Trinneer has guest-starred in episodes of Stargate Atlantis, Numb3rs, NCIS, and Close to Home.

The above excerpts are from SF Radio clips of Trinneer's onstage Q&A at FedCon. Audio files can be accessed [here] and [here]. Brief introductions are in German.