Connor Trinneer & John Billingsley

The Star Trek Enterprise duo entered the stage with applause and took up their seats for a long session of Q&A. Connor and John both delighted the crowd with comedy, quips, and stories of their time on the NX-01. Their chemistry seemed to be due to not only their time on the show, but the fact that they are real life neighbors, with only a fence dividing their properties. John continued throughout the session to shout at Connor “TEAR DOWN THE WALL!”, which the audience greatly enjoyed.

At one point a fan approached the stage wearing a Starfleet uniform and a Jedi robe with light saber, and Trinneer asked him “are you a mix?” The young man responded “I’m a Star Trek Jedi” and Billingsley shouted “That’s Season 5 Right There!” The crowd went into laughter. Another question was asked how the dogs of Star Trek Enterprise were treated on set, to which Trinneer quickly responded “I hate those dogs… they peed on my tires" to which Billingsley quipped added “Well I pee on your tires too.” The session ended with John Billingsley asking Connor Trinneer for $1 repeatedly as he started paying fans $1 who asked him questions.

-Staff -, August 2009